Wow this is really cool & I like what I see, how do I get started?

Its really easy, just call our office at 905-707-9994, 416-707-9994 or 1-888-503-LAWN. One of our Decorating and Lighting Design Sales Consultants will be happy to discuss how we can help you, and give you a better idea of the possibilities available to you.

How does it work?

It starts with a simple call, then a design appointment. We’ll work within your budget to get you the best value and make the biggest impact. Basic Décor packages start at $1500 including electrical setup, labour and materials to install, a maintenance visit, take-down and storage, and will typically average $2700-$4500 (basic house lights, single door garland and wreath) in the first year depending on your home and decorating dreams.
We provide and sell you our commercial quality decorations that will last many years and you own them! (unlike expensive rentals).
Everything is custom fit to your house and included in our price (all extension cords, hooks, hangers and timers etc.) you don’t have to worry about anything!
We schedule a date and then we install (weather permitting).
We come back regularly to make sure the decorations look great and are working properly. (subject to conditions out of our control)
We take down the decorations during January or February (whenever it is safe weather-wise) to be on ladders and roofs and we include the cost to store them safely for you.

Next year, the cost is much less since you already own the decorations!  We provide that guaranteed price up front!
Some people want to start with the whole works while others like to add-on a little each year.

What’s the difference between LawnSavers Christmas Decorators and these other guys I see in my neighbourhood?

That’s easy, there are many differences. We are Decoration specialists, not just light hangers!  (and we DO NOT use lower quality, off the shelf big box products that cant be customized or have high failure rates). Read on for more:
– Quality of material is # 1.  We source the best products from around the world and have ample supply in house that is customized to fit perfectly to your specific house and stand out from the neighbours.
– The next main advantage is that our service is Complete! We are the only company that offers a “Perfect until Christmas Eve Guarantee”.  We visit regularly after installation to ensure that the decorative display looks the same as the day we installed it. We’ll fix anything that has burnt out or become detached so you don’t have to worry.
– We also include everything in our price- Installation, Maintenance, Take-down and Free Storage in our secure facility.

– In addition, we ONLY use Commercial quality LED lights that are proven to be brighter, more vibrant, better colour and much longer lasting than your typical retail variety. Reliability is important, you want your lights to work when need them! This save you a ton of money by not having to constantly replace entire light strings, and you’ll save a ton of money in electricity!
– Our Greenery simply cant be matched, Our garlands are full and plump, Our wreaths are large and spectacular and all of our bows are custom and hand-made with love at our shop.
– Our staff are certified, professional and uniformed. We carry 5 million in liability insurance, covered and up to date with WSIB, and our installers carry ladder and fall arrest certification. (Working at Heights Certification)
– We have been in business for over 30 years, we own our own office and shop at 160 Cidermill Ave Unit 14 in Vaughan, so you know we’ll be around when you need us!

How long before you can install at my place?

Most projects can be installed quite quickly but it all depends on the time of the year, once you book with your design consultant they should be able to give you a date- normally its within 1 week or even sooner. The quicker you make a decision, the quicker we can be there. Christmas always comes faster than you think!
Re-installations generally take place during October or early November but may not be powered up until you say so, we return to plug them in at your discretion.  We install right up until a few days before Christmas!

How much does it cost?

We work within your budget, however a minimum new installation job is $1500. Everything is custom designed and fit for your property. Since all homes are different and so are personal styles and tastes, we offer a number of decorating options that can work for you.  An average new installation including Roof Soffit lighting, Door Garland, some small shrubs and a Custom Wreath can average between $2700-3500.00 in the first year.
Factors that affect cost:
*House Lighting: total linear feet, bungalow, # of stories, dormers, height of 2nd or 3rd floor, access with ladders or bucket truck, roof access, eaves guards, etc.
*Garland: length of garland, bow types, single or double door, railing types, pillar sizes, etc.
*Wreath: Size from 24″ to 100″, installation height, hardware required, decorations, electricity access
*Tree lights: type of lights, amount of lighting, height of tree, structure of tree, style of lighting, access (ladders, climbing, or bucket truck)

Why do you charge a design fee?

Our designers are experienced landscape lighting designers who will spend time reviewing your architecture and landscape layout, spend at least 30 minutes to an hour at your house to measure, plus travel time. They will measure trees, house features and roof lines, create a plan, A design sketch is drawn and a price is calculated to determine exactly what is needed to make your Holiday decorations complete.  This time and effort adds up to at least 2-4 hours and is worth more than that in such a short season, however we will gladly deduct the fee from any decorating package we install for you over $2500.

What areas do you service?

We focus on the Greater Toronto Area, Our main projects are throughout Aurora, Etobicoke, King City, Kleinburg, Maple, Markham, Nobleton, North York, Toronto (Forest Hill, Lawrence Park, Rosedale and Leaside), Richmond Hill, Thornhill and Woodbridge; however it is not unusual to have requests for cottages or other vacation homes. Depending on the size and scope of the job we will always try to accommodate you. Travel time is charged at a lower hourly rate.

Do we need to be home when you install?

Not for our exterior installations. Our professional installation crew will treat your property as if it were our own and ensure an efficient and orderly professional installation. When your family gets home, you can take all the credit!

Will you decorate my business property?

LawnSavers Professional Christmas Decorators started decorating primarily for the Restaurant business many years ago providing special decorations for exclusive parties during the Toronto International Film Festival, Christmas parties and functions for several top Bars & Restaurants in the area. We also Provide services to several municipalities, Commercial Office and Industrial Buildings.

I have a really large Spruce/Pine Tree that I always wanted to see light up like a really big Christmas tree, can you light it and how much will it cost?

This is the most common question these days. With LED lights, it will certainly take far less electricity, however the lights are more costly than incandescent bulbs. Another consideration is the # of lights required to adequately light up a large tree. A 30 ft. tree can take as many as 2500-3500 lights depending on the width and thickness of the tree. A 30 ft. spruce tree can easily cost between $1900 – $3500 depending on the level of lighting to professionally light in the first year including the one-time cost to purchase lights.

Can’t you just install the lights on my tree and leave them up all year?

Unfortunately UV light exposure can degrade wire over time and degrade the lights. Most lights are rated to have only 60 days of UV exposure per year in order to last many years. The UV intensity is much less in the winter months surrounding December. Another big problem for lights is that squirrels tend to chew through wire (they think the lights are nuts!). They are mainly hibernating in the winter and very active Spring through Fall. Chewed lights can’t be repaired, and are a fire hazard, so it’s always best to take them down, then risk having them destroyed.

I have my own lights, can you install them for me?

The advantage of hiring LawnSavers Christmas decorators is our “Perfect until Christmas Eve” Guarantee. We inventory and can repair any lights we supply. Unfortunately with store bought lights, they are normally lower quality and molded, which means they do not have modular parts that can be removed and repaired. We can not warranty or offer our workmanship guarantee on anything that we do not supply.

What happens if we want to change our plans/design for the following year(s)?

We’re as versatile as you are. The great thing is, you own the lights. We catalog your inventory and store it separately with your name on it. So whether you decide to change colour one year, light up something a little different or just take a year off, we’ll be here to help.

Do you provide Christmas lights rental services for film and television productions?

Yes we do. We have over 30 years experience working with lighting in the film industry. See our Christmas Lights Film Set Rentals Page for more information.

What types of places have you done (Can I see some examples/references)? Have you done large scale Commercial Properties?

LawnSavers Professional Christmas Decorators have done Christmas trees that are 6 stories high!  We are equipped to help you with anything we can dream up together.  From Country Clubs to Restaurants, Strip Malls, Car dealerships, Hospitals, and Streetscapes to Theme Parks, Our team has decorated almost everything, and we’ll work within your budget!
Here are just a few examples:
– St. Josephs Health Centre Hospital and St. Joe’s Renal Centre Toronto.
– Little Italy (Corso Italia) Toronto streetscape Tree Lighting
– York University
– University of Toronto
– Township of King
– City of Toronto
– CTV headquarters
– Canada’s Wonderland
– Cosmos Music Warehouse in Richmond Hill
– Various Movie lighting and film sets in Toronto like “The Christmas Chronicles” with Kurt Russell
– Restaurants, Clubs and Banquet Halls (too many to mention)

Here’s what Oliver from Mississauga said on Homestars:

“I discovered LawnSavers Christmas Light Decorators in 2015. After moving into my new house the thought of researching, buying and installing outdoor Christmas lights for our now larger house was a little overwhelming. I called LawnSavers and spoke with a friendly lady who arranged for a designer to visit my house the next day. The design proposal incorporated all my ideas and some additional creative suggestions. I’m thrilled with the quality of the work; custom cut lights at the perfect length for my house (using the colour scheme I requested), no visible extension cords; beautiful lush garland and classic big red bows. I came home from work one day and everything was installed. Then one day in January I came home and it was all gone. I can’t explain the joy and relief I have knowing that our home is beautifully decorated for Christmas and I DON’T HAVE TO DO IT! 🙂 Finally, every compliment I receive from guests to my home at Christmas reinforces what a great decision I made to hire Kyle and his LawnSavers team.”

Rating: 5/5 ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

Date: 2017-01-02

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