Christmas Lights Installation in King City

King City is a beautiful place during the winter months. The snow turns King City into a winter wonderland and at Christmas time the lights and decorations dazzle. But if you’re like most of us the thought of spending hours untangling wires, checking for burnt out bulbs, and climbing up rickety, old ladders, out ones just to decorate your home for Christmas fills you with dread? That is where the dedicated team of Christmas light installation professionals at LawnSavers is here to help. We’ll ensure your home looks elegant, festive and fantastic! We have been installing beautiful Christmas lights in King City for many years.

Why Getting Your Christmas Lights Installed In King City Is Worth It

King City is a quaint scenic community just north of Toronto, filled with charm. Every homeowner has different ideas about what they want their exterior Christmas decorations to look like. Whether you live in Clearview Heights, Heritage Park, or anywhere in between; our residential Christmas light installation experts can work with you to bring your Christmas decorating vision to life. The difference in having someone else handle the installation is that we specialize in custom fit LED Christmas lights for homes and businesses. LED lights last longer than normal Christmas lights, shine 5-6x brighter, and use up to 97% less electricity than traditional lights. And we take the time to measure each roof area during our Christmas light installation process. Making sure to custom fit the length of each strand of lights to avoid unsightly wires hanging down.

All you need to provide is the power. We take care of everything else needed to complete your project. We provide & include:

  • The design
  • The decorations, timers, extension cords & lights
  • The installation of the Christmas lights
  • Timely removal of the lights once the season is over. Including itemizing and storing everything safely for next year.
  • Hassle-free replacement! If any part breaks on its own before Christmas we’ll come and replace them.

We use top quality commercial grade decorations that will last for years, designed to suit your decorating tastes. One of our professional Christmas decorating design consultants will come right to your home. With Decor & Lighting packages start at $1000, we can help you decide which look will give you the best looking home in the neighbourhood!

If you live in King City and are interested in having professional Christmas light installers help your home look spectacular this season, please fill out our contact form or give us a call at 416-707-9994.

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